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Yugroo Ethics

Ethics is a strong moral responsibility at the heart of our industry, and the concept of faith is important for the successful growth of our business. Naturally, this culture of honesty is based on respect for legislation, but also on adherence to the company’s principles. It must be embodied by every one of Yugroo’s employees in their daily activities, whatever their nationality, location, position or seniority in the business.

The core values that frame and guide our daily behaviour have been established by our ethics. This offers a structure for the aspirations of each one of us when we are in contact with our staff, customers , shareholders and mutual partners in our business activities. It also defines our commitment to the environment, which we are dedicated to protecting and on which we wish to minimize our impact, and to society at large, in which we intend to fully play our part as a good corporate citizen, engaged and responsible.

This ethic gives us the chance to recapture our ethical approach at a time when we are becoming a mere player in the luxury market. This ethic reaffirms strongly our commitment to human rights not only for all of our employees, but also for all those who work in our supply chains and work together to build value. We mobilise all our energy to fight child labour, forced labour, human trafficking and exploitation, especially for migrants, and to combat against violence and discrimination against women.

However, it is particularly important to state that Yugroo’s ethical whistleblowing system, which enables any individual to report a violation or suspected violation of our ethical values, is available not only to Yugroo employees but also to external and temporary employees working for the Company. This mechanism is essential and enables us to identify any flaws in commitment to our values, as well as the appropriate control steps. 

This ethic is a framework for the security and prosperity of Yugroo as well as the long-term survival of all our operations. I know you’ll become familiar with this and
apply it on a regular basis. Everything within the Company has been set up to assist and help you meet this requirement.

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