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Yugroo: Architecting the style in you

“To spiritually intensify you into the world of fused fashion with our take on the modern taste”

I, Loverose Bal, was overwhelmed with the taste in fashion that grew with time. My love for fashion and craft puts me forward to build Yugroo and see it in one of the top brand’s list, in the recent years. My partners, Ritika Garg and Sumit Kumar, came along with confident artistic values to put some light on the growth of Yugroo. The brand means your growth with us in everyday life making sure you are always amazing. We look forward in creating different designs with stock limitations to each unique design, portraying yugroo’s uniqueness. We believe that the fashion in you should never fade out of style.

Our aim is to fuse Indian art and craft with the latest fashion trend in terms of design and presentation. Yugroo is keen in bringing out the new fashion in you, uplifting the modern fashion sense. We look forward to deliver at every doorstep possible, globally

Our Core Values

Unconventional design

Stout hearted team

Zeal for success

Inclusiveness and diversity

Continuous improvement

Passion for work


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